Structured Workshops

Structured Workshops
The following workshops are unique

Structured Workshops

The following workshops are unique in their precision and structure and so produce fabulous, predictable results. They are the perfect follow-up to online training as they bring theory into practice, and knowledge into action. Somewhat self-paced, these average between 3 and 7 hours to complete depending on the individual. They can be delivered on-site by Certified Company Trainers to groups of 10 or more students or at the HAA. Price per workshop: $350.

The Achieve Your Goals Series

This series is a comprehensive study of how to set any kind of goal and achieve it. It includes:

  • How to Achieve Your Goals: An Introduction
  • Achieve Your Goals: Using Ideal Scenes
  • Achieve Your Goals: Using Plans
  • Achieve Your Goals: Using Policy
  • Achieve Your Goals: Using Programs and Projects
  • Achieve Your Goals: Using Statistics
  • Achieve Your Goals: Using Valuable Final Products

Price per participant: $2,450
Package price: $2,100

The Dynamic Team Building Series Package

This package offers everything you need to get your group working together as a team – coordinating and cooperating to achieve a common goal. This series includes (available also in Spanish):

  • Flourish and Prosper! The Ultimate Weapon for Success
  • The Natural Law of Personal Success
  • Increasing Your Ability to Effectively Work
  • How to Build a Productive Team
  • How to Thrive in Any Economy
  • Affinity, Reality & Communication: The Components of Understanding
  • How to Make Your Strategy a Reality

Full price per participant: $2,450
Package price: $2,100

Professional Public Relations Series Package

This package is a must have for any business. Good PR is a vital undercut to successful marketing and sales, and resultant business growth. This series includes:

  • Professional Public Relations: An Introduction to Public Relations
  • Professional Public Relations: The Missing Ingredient
  • Professional Public Relations: How to Reach Your Public
  • Professional Public Relations: Easing Human Relations
  • Professional Public Relations: Causing PR
  • Professional Public Relations: Building Goodwill
  • Professional Public Relations: The Natural Law of Personal Success

Full price per participant: $2,450
Package price: $2,100

Additional Workshops:

How to Successfully Organize Anything

No matter how large or small your company or project, its success depends on sound organizational structure. This manual shows you exactly how to set things up for production.

Marketing Essentials: Assuming Viewpoint

The best guarantee of successful sales of your product or service, or even simply trying to convince someone to do something, is understanding how to think like your prospect. This manual teaches you how to put yourself in their shoes.

Organization Misunderstoods

How to Prevent Trouble at Work – You may be surprised to find out how much trouble is caused by not fully understanding policy and procedures in the workplace. Misunderstandings are often the root cause of difficulties. This manual helps you locate those misunderstandings and resolve them.

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